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Endorsements for Steve McMichael
for Mayor of New Haven


Endorsement from Wayne Doenges, Community Leader

When I retired from Magnavox, I ran for City Councilman for the 5th district of New Haven and served in this capacity for 14.5 years. I’ve also been on the Board of Works for 25 years. In this time, I’ve gotten to know Steve McMichael quite well.

I have spoken to Steve McMichael at length and based on his qualifications and what he is actually already doing in our community, (City Council President plus everything else), I believe Steve McMichael is extremely well qualified for the position of Mayor. Steve understands what a Mayor should be doing and I know that if elected, he will do everything he can to help make New Haven a better place.


Wayne Doenges

Retired Associate Engineer, Magnavox


Endorsement from The Journal Gazette

"Municipal ballots in New Haven won't have Terry McDonald's name on them for the first time in two decades. The mayor, first elected as a Democrat in 1999 and reelected four times as a Republican, is retiring at the end of his term. The open seat has yet to draw a Democratic candidate, but three well-qualified Republicans are vying to replace McDonald.

Of the three, City Council President Steve McMichael stands out as best equipped to succeed him.

Each of the candidates has a clear passion for improving the city, but McMichael also has the range of experience to make a difference there."


Endorsement from Leon Davis, Retired General Manager and Vice President of Crumback Chevrolet (New Haven, IN)

Steve McMichael’s serving on City Council and the Chamber of Commerce Board are involvements that I noticed first off when determining who to vote for in New Haven’s Primary Election. It is clearly evident that Steve McMichael’s central focus is to improve the living conditions for all residents and business owners of New Haven.

I have worked on several committees and Boards within the city and have noticed that Steve is well qualified to make a difference. Through Steve’s time serving in our community and his connections to elected officials (local and state), practical experience tells me that Steve is the best and most qualified candidate and will be ready to govern on the first day of office.

Leon Davis

Retired General Manager and Vice President, Crumback Chevrolet


Endorsement from Jim Posey, Partner at BEERS MALLERS BACKS & SALIN, LLP

Years of experience matter. Steve has years of first hand experience with the actual workings of New Haven's City Government as a successful member and leader of the City Council. He needs no on the job training. He will be ready to go on the first day to make the important decisions that impact the lives of so many people. An experienced man of character. A proven leader. The right man for the right job at the right time. I encourage you to vote for Steve.

James Posey

Partner, Beers Mallers Backs & Salin, LLP


Endorsement from Nichole Westendorf, Owner of Niche Market Furniture

It is important that we all vote for community leadership that looks to the future, while cherishing the past. Steve McMichael is an effective advocate for both residents and New Haven businesses. He takes the time to listen, engage with, and advocate for all people within his community. As a business owner myself, it is important to have someone advocating for growing our economy and bringing great businesses to our area. Steve understands the challenges we face, he knows the community, understands who we are, and has a vision of who we can become. That’s why I’ll be voting for Steve McMichael. 

Nichole Westendorf  

Owner-Niche Market Furniture


Endorsement from Steven Kennedy Jr., New Haven Resident

After I got out of the Marines I moved my family to New Haven. I love this community and wanted to raise, and grow my family here. This small town of New Haven is a beautiful small community where you can find a family friendly event on a Friday night.

I want to see our city grow and have a solid leader. Many people say they want to be leaders of this city, but find it easier to blame others, spread lies, and try to bring others down. We need a leader who knows how to grow a community, who is willing to listen to you even if you don’t agree with him, who won’t bully you if you don’t agree with him. We need a leader who actually is willing to teach you and build the next generation.  

I believe Steve is the man for the job. Steve has been there for me and my family.  He is a man who is willing to teach you how to fish and not just give you a fish to shut you up. Steve’s character exemplifies Leadership and it is proven in what he has already done for this community. We need more people like Steve in the world and for him to lead our amazing community of New Haven! 

Steven Kennedy, Jr.

New Haven Resident and Real Estate Professional


Endorsement from Michael Wallace, student at New Haven High School, intern at RE/MAX Imagine Real Estate

Steve McMichael is an amazing human being and he possesses an abundance of good traits. Steve and I have built a great relationship. He has also given me room to grow and accepts my flaws and my young mind. Steve is more than just a businessman; he’s a family man, a people person, and one helpful human. Lastly, he is a successful man and stays humble through triumph and downfalls.

Michael Wallace

New Haven High School Student, Intern


Endorsement from Jason Voelck, Owner of Smokehaus BBQ and Wicked Automotive

There will be quite a void left after Mayor McDonald retires; he has grown this city into a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. Steve McMichael is the leader we need to continue on with those same traditions. We have grown our little car lot (Wicked Automotive) into a nice little family business, which allowed me to open a new business, Smokehaus BBQ. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish that without the help and support of our local leaders, including Mr. McMichael. He has worked tirelessly to build this city into somewhere that businesses can grow while not losing our small town atmosphere. Steve is the guy you’ll run into at the bakery, the gas station, or the local diners. He is what New Haven stands for, local, personable, and professional. If you want to see New Haven continue to grow, business to flourish, while still maintaining a small town feel, join me in supporting Steve McMichael for Mayor of our great city!

Jason Voelck

Owner, Smokehaus BBQ and Wicked Automotive


Endorsement from Joe Kelsey, Mayor of Woodburn

As the Mayor of a small community I have had the privilege of meeting all kinds of people in Woodburn and in the neighboring cities. It has been an honor to get to know Mayor McDonald and through this friendship I have also had the privilege to meet and get to know Steve McMichael. If there is one thing I have learned over the last three years, it is that our two communities compliment each other and are stronger when we work together.  I believe Steve will carry on this tradition well.  He has been dedicated to the city of New Haven and it’s residents for many years and it would be an honor and a privilege to work along side him in the upcoming years.  I offer my support for Steve McMichael to be the next Mayor of the City of New Haven Indiana.

Joe Kelsey 

Mayor of Woodburn


Endorsement from Joel Benz, Allen County Council District 3

Steve is the kind of person who will help make our community a better place. He brings fresh ideas along with an institutional knowledge from years spent working behind the scenes as a township board member, and a city council member. He will be able to fill the void left following Mayor McDonald’s retirement without missing a step. One thing that has stood out to me as I’ve gotten to know Steve, is his willingness to collaborate and work together to achieve things that couldn’t have been done alone. An example of this would be the recent Stellar Communities designation that will bring millions of dollars to not just New Haven, but all of eastern Allen County. This mindset is what will help make our community a better place to live and work and why Steve McMichael will make an excellent Mayor.

Joel Benz

County Councilman, District 3



 Endorsement from Terry McDonald, Mayor of New Haven

Steve is and has been a dedicated member of our community for several years. Steve has accepted several request to serve on various boards and commissions and stepped up to become the fifth district councilman when that seat was open after the retirement of Tim Martin. Steve was ready day one when he arrived at council, he has studied and investigated the issues and needs of our city. Steve has the knowledge and understanding of the workings of the city from the services to the budget and he will be ready day one of the new term, Steve will be ready with the knowledge and experience to lead our city, in this time of growth. Steve will not need to learn the job because he has been involved and preparing himself for years for the job.

This is a critical time in our history and we need a leader like Steve to take helm and steer us into a bigger and brighter future.

Terry McDonald

Mayor of New Haven




Endorsement from New Haven City Councilman Terry Werling

Being involved in city government, Steve has become a close friend. With Steve’s involvement as City Council President, he has shown to be very aggressive and driven in many of the aspects of the workings of city government. Time and again, he has proven that he deeply cares for our city and the people and business owners that reside here.

Steve is knowledgeable of all facets of city government. He will analyze each piece, namely, the city budget, economic development, police, fire, EMS, and utility departments as he is educated in great depth of each department. He is greatly concerned with the quality of life in this great city of New Haven and I, for one, want someone in charge of our city who is ready day one.

Please join me in supporting Steve’s candidacy for Mayor of New Haven. Visit his website and reach out to share your time, talent, and treasure for this important race for our community. We greatly appreciate your vote in May. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Terry Werling
Former Mayor of New Haven, Indiana
Current City Council at Large


Endorsement from New Haven City Councilman Bob Byrd

Having been in Politics for many years I can honestly say that there is no one quite like Steve McMichael. Having worked alongside Steve on city council for a few years I have gotten to see his integrity and dedication for this community first hand. Steve truly exemplifies what it means to have a servant’s heart. As City Council President Steve works extremely hard before, during, and after each and every meeting to ensure that the tax payer’s money is being spent in the most efficient way. With his participation in many community boards such as the New Haven Chamber of Commerce, the New Haven Community foundation, and the Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative board Steve is works many tireless and thankless hours behinds the scenes to make the New Haven community a better place to live.

Due to his extensive work in and commitment to this community I truly believe that Steve will be ready day one as mayor of this great city!

Bob Byrd
New Haven City Council 4th District


Endorsement from New Haven City Councilman Craig Dellinger

Next spring, New Haven residents have a very important choice to make. Terry McDonald is not running for Mayor again, and so far we have two candidates to choose from. I strongly support Steve McMichael to be our next Mayor. The office of Mayor in a city our size is not an easy job. The idea of replacing Mayor McDonald with someone who hasn’t held a single office, commission or board position in our City Government is very scary to me. In comparison, Steve has been on the Board of Zoning Appeals, Plan Commission, Adams Township Trustee Board and has served as our City Council President for the past year. He has served as an Neighborhood Association President, and helped us create the New Haven Community Foundation four years ago. If we need somebody to volunteer, I can always count on Steve to jump in. It’s really been a pleasure to work with someone who always puts the community’s interests over his own.
Another reason that’s very exciting to me are Steve’s contacts in the business and political world. He is the Vice Chair of the Paulding Putnam Electric Coop Board of Directors. In addition to all the valuable utility training he’s received, he has built relationships with critical people throughout the state and even national leaders. He’s laser focused on making sure New Haven, at the very least, has a seat at the table when decisions that affect us are being made. We have a great story to tell, and Steve has the skills and leadership to take our community places we’ve only dreamed about. 
I’m proud to give Steve my enthusiastic endorsement. Most of you know how much I care about our community, I wouldn’t give this recommendation if I wasn’t 100% positive that Steve is by far the best candidate for this very difficult job.

Craig Dellinger
New Haven City Council Third District

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