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Steve McMichael Campaign Platform

1. NextGen

New Haven Citizens’ Academy for Millennials and Next Generation.  If we are to build a community attractive to young families, we need to have input from all segments of our population.  NextGen New Haven will educate residents on how to become civically and politically engaged, and to get a better understanding of the functions of local government and exactly what city government does. The goal is to groom candidates for Mayoral and Council Appointees for Boards and Commissions.  Another benefit of this would be to train future elected officials and encourage our County Commissioners to appoint our engaged and educated citizenry to serve on County and Regional Boards/Committees so that New Haven has a seat at the table for many conversations. The course content is being developed and will be rolled out this fall.

2. New Haven 2025

The goal of New Haven 2025 is to reach the critical mass population of 20,000 by 2025 to not only reach commercial and retail businesses that look for 20k heads in beds, but to help assure our long-term sustainability. The outline includes getting input from community stakeholders on determining what it would take to get to this goal. Think of it as our part of North East Indiana Regional Partnership’s Road to One Million.

3. Enhance & strengthen relationships w/governmental agencies and community leaders

I have cultivated strong working relationships with elected officials on the City, County, Federal and State levels and will continue to work to always ensure that New Haven has a voice in all discussions affecting our community.

4. 20/20 Vision

For nearly 20 years, Mayor McDonald has led New Haven in the right direction and has made great strides for New Haven.  It will be time for a new Mayor to take a fresh look at all budgets, regulations, and procedures to determine what is working well and what could be improved.  As a municipality, we will continue to face revenue constraints in an era of increasing expenses. The 2021 budget, passed in 2020 will be based on zero based budgeting.  In essence, we will be starting from scratch and expenditures, other than bonds-of course, will need to be justified by the Department Heads to remain conservative and fiscally responsible of taxpayers’ dollars.

5. Create position of Community Engagement Director

This individual would be the conduit for putting together and distributing information about community assets, through traditional press releases, and social media. They also would ideally have a working knowledge of grant writing and be a resource to city departments, and a clearinghouse for information for local non-profit agencies, including Canal Days, the New Haven/Adams Township Parks Department, New Haven Community Foundation, and others.  This will allow our city to have a clear voice internally and externally which will make New Haven appear more unified and cohesive.

6. Enhance the Partnership between the Mayor’s Administration & Council

This can be accomplished by scheduling a monthly meeting with the City Council President and requiring that all ordinances have to be sponsored by at least one council member for it to be introduced. This makes Council a true partner with the Administration and Clerk Treasurer. It will hold everyone to a higher level of accountability in providing services and using revenue on behalf of our residents.

7. Five Million Sparks

This is a community effort to brand New Haven as a first-class family friendly city. Many economists and planners agree that friendly cities are both healthier and more attractive to developers. The concept of 5 million sparks is simple, if each of New Haven's estimated 15,740 residents does one act of kindness a day (15,740 x 365=5,745,100) that would produce over 5,000,000 sparks.... sometimes it takes hundreds of sparks to start a fire, but 5 million sparks could truly transform a community, and keep the fire burning.  Best of all, a spark doesn't have to cost anything... a simple additional “Good Morning," holding a door open for a stranger, covering someone's groceries when they are a dollar short, etc. Many of our residents do these things already, but we can become the most family friendly city in Indiana. We’ll have a Facebook page going live in July to keep everyone up to date on this initiative.



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